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Drawing on decades of experience, we offer a four step process to ensure that every family receives extraordinary portraits and service. Getting to know your family and the unique personalities involved as well as your preferences is a critical part of the JL experience. Some families prefer to capture  moments, while others like a more posed yet still relaxed portrait with everyone looking into the camera, looking their best. 

Often we do both, believing that both are an important part of your family's recorded history. We can assist you with clothing selection, choosing the best location and time of day for your portraits and determining the ways you would most like to enjoy your finished portraits. We won't just hand you a disc and expect you to know what to do with it; instead we'll guide you every step of the way. 

the consultation

We are planners. We leave little to chance. A custom family portrait means getting to know you, your aesthetic preferences, and your children's personalities before the photo session ever happens. We'll also explore how you would most enjoy your finished portraits. Our process involves more effort on the front end in order to create more beautiful results. Your family portraits should take your breath away. 

your photo session

We've planned our your photo session in advance and taken care of all the details.  This helps everyone to relax and have fun! We'll guide you every step of the way, giving you prompts and poses. This is your time to enjoy your family and entrust us with creating gorgeous custom portraits that will only become more precious to you as the years pass.

the selection 

You're invited to attend a special cinematic presentation of your portraits at our screening room. Once you arrive in Lockhart, we'll welcome you to our historic Studio & Gallery and help you get settled on "Pinkie," our salmon-colored velvet couch.  After reviewing your portraits with you, we'll help as you choose your favorites and take care of any orders you'd like to place at this fun and celebratory meeting.

delivery day

Your order is ready and has arrived! Perhaps you selected a gorgeous Italian Canvas to go above your mantle. Or maybe you ordered a gallery wall of your favorites.  We not only hand deliver, we oversee the installation of your wall portraits at your home so that we hang and you enjoy. We also hand deliver albums and boxes so that you can begin to delight in them as soon as they arrive. 

receive our complimentary guidance on how best to prepare for beautiful family portraits every time.

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